About Hatchet Design

A design shop specializing in branding, print & web
targeting passionate, boutique organizations
looking to tell a dynamic story.

The Driving Philosophy

Hatchet fosters creative, artistic expression rooted in practical, visual communication, a balance that requires constant tending and a collaborative spirit. We are ready and willing to embark on a new journey, one that might lead us to you and our next big adventure.

How It Works

Although we take pride in being up to date on new technology and design trends, we know that cutting edge isn’t necessarily what you need. So we start from scratch, with no distracting pretenses or expectations. You call or email us, we meet with you and evaluate our compatibility, and if it feels right we go on with it. Its that simple! Our working relationships quite often turns into a full-blown friendship, which we attribute to the compatibility factor. The bottom line is that we want to know, trust, and feel comfortable with each other.

Because the design process is fluid and unique to each project, there really is no formula for how we will work on it. The project may call for extra minds and hands or specialized techniques. However the process takes shape, we take pride in the use of problem-solving skills as well as good, old-fashioned common sense.

The best thing we can do for you is give you a voice in this visually crowded world, one that is compelling and directed at those you intend to reach.

No, Our Last Name Is Not Hatchet

Throwing a small ax into a tree is easy! Right?

Well, us swamp people find throwing hatchets accurately (meaning into the tree, not the hammock swinging from it) quite the challenge. In a nutshell, the name Hatchet Design was born out of the stewing daydream of someday owning a business that had a bit more flavor and gusto than the average design factory. That someday came quicker than expected, as Morgan and David Claytor decided to jump into the small business world feet first in 2009 just after the economy tanked. Blame it on our naiveté, but fast forward several years and not only are we alive and well, we’re calling in the troops. The work is getting grander and we are growing with it. We are proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered up with the incredibly talented Jason “PapaBear” Farmand to create a power trio that will take Central Florida (and the universe) by storm!

The Team

Morgan Claytor

Morgan fell in love with design as a bright-eyed college kid looking for an alternative way to communicate with the world. A true people lover, she hopes to make an impact on the community, design and otherwise, by making the world a little brighter. Besides design, she loves baking (and eating) delicious treats, photography, and a good estate sale.

David Claytor

David was the kid who flipped over his coloring book pages to use the blank side of the paper. He has been designing for over 8 years now and has never stopped learning. Whether it’s web development, type design, or illustration, his voracious appetite for design pushes his aesthetic. Spare time revolves around reading, watching westerns, sketching, and dreaming up new schemes.

Jason Farmand

Jason Farmand is the latest addition to the Hatchet team, although he is our most seasoned vet. He’s been in the design field since the days of handset lead type (okay, not quite that long). A specialist in publication design and a sharp eye for type, Jason brings added creative punch and experience to the group while boosting our overall fitness rating.

Our Values

Local Community Partner

One of our favorite extra-curricular activities is supporting the local community by going to see live music, eating and drinking locally, and consuming way too much Fair Trade coffee at the local coffee shop. Collaboration is heavily supported between Hatchet and our community of fellow designers, clients, friends, and neighbors and we encourage everyone to participate in redesigning their surroundings. We don’t just do business in Central Florida, we live here and want to be a good neighbor.

This Hatchet Saves Trees

Our company was founded and operates upon the highest standards of responsibility. We are constantly searching for newer, better ways to improve our eco-footprint as our operation grows. Our company uses a paperless solution through electronic filing, sharing, and scheduling. We even go as far as to use a carbon neutral web-hosting provider! For printed pieces, we make sure to work with FSC certified printers on environmental printing solutions.