A couple of months ago, we were approached by a couple of adorable sisters about a brand for their new rentals and staging company, Sophisticrate. My first thought was…sisters going into business together? BRAVE. My sister and I might last about ehhhhh 10 minutes working together before we decided we were creating a natural disaster (“So a lawyer and a designer go into business together…” sounds like the start of a joke). However, after just one conversation with these two I could tell that they not only have a super special relationship, they also have shrewd business sense and an eye for good design.

We began with collecting inspiration, each bringing images, palettes, and graphics that we liked to the table. With the help of our friends over at 48 Savvy Sailors, we came up with some designs to show the Sophisticrate girls. Although it took a while for them to decide on the one that was right for them, we eventually landed on the concept below and refined it through a collaborative process.

This is truly one of those projects that comes around once in a super moon. The product? A brand we created with TRUE collaboration from our clients- clients who are sweet, talented and excellent communicators- and one that we are quite proud of.

Although we are continuing to develop and extend the Sophisticrate brand, I just had to post a little teaser to the blog. Look out for the full project in the portfolio soon! Enjoy!




  1. So cool. Love this branding and love hatchet.

  2. These girls rock. I am predicting just one thing call “SUCCESS”.
    Great Job!

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Posted by Morgan on
June 25th, 2013
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