Getting Geared to Junk


One of my three favorite times of year (besides Christmas and my birthday, of course) is Renningers time. For me, this time means getting out a wad of cash, putting my best haggling hat on and trudging down to Mt. Dora to get down and dirty with some junk…like I need any more.

I have a plethora of fun finds from Renningers, including a sweet old fan that would take your fingers off if you got too close, a sturdy old blender from the 40′s, and a collection of amazing rusty tins and bottles that litter our rooms. I have also found some really WEIRD things at Renningers, including pairs of antlers, a Pug cookie jar, and a box of ratty, rust-colored “angel hair” (an overlooked must-have for festive Christmas decor).

Anyways, its definitely worth going to if you like finding totally awesome, weird gems amongst a huge pile of old junk. Ok…maybe its just me :)

Info for the November Renningers Antiques and Collectors Extravaganza here

Posted by Morgan on
October 2nd, 2012
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